This website is from practice for osteopathy JeroEn van Duursen. Osteopathy and sports are a fantastic combination. That is why osteopathy for us is a neverending story. The challenge for us is to discover the relationship between your sporting activities, your injuries, overall lifestyle and to identify the true cause of your complaint. 99% Fit is not enough. It is the challenge for us to discover that small or large point, for example, that caused you to develop that irritating muscle injury or other injuries. We look at the entire body and its movement chains and will gladly help you on your way to a good performance. No matter whether you are a professional or recreative football player, runner, swimmer or cyclist.

Our practice is based in 2 locations in Eindhoven. In the multidisciplinary sports center Sportplein Eindhoven are also working (sports)physiotherapists, (sports) - podotherapists, manual therapists and physical trainers. Treatable complaints include sportsinjuries, backpain and other conditions of your musculo-skeletal system. Osteopathy van Duursen is actively involved in the sportsworld. For example, athletes from Eindhoven Athletics, PSV Handball, PSV Volleyball and the Dutch National Team of Skydiving (KNZB) visit our practice regularly. The osteopaths of van Duursen osteopathy are registered with the NRO (Dutch Register for Osteopathy)